You found us! I have an idea that you were looking for a church that was not just “any old church.” If that’s the case, you have come to the right place. The Greensboro First United Methodist Church is different for an obvious reason, and different for some other reasons as well. First, we have two campuses, one in downtown Greensboro and one on Carey Station Road near Reynolds Plantation and Del Webb. The Carey Station Road campus was built out of our concern that there be a United Methodist Church in that area.

That concern stems from the other reasons we are not just “any old church.” We have a heart-felt concern that everyone know Jesus Christ as both Savior and Lord. Why? Well, because we have come to know what an incredible difference it makes to have a living relationship with God through Jesus. We have a sense of purpose, a love for our community, and a delight in being students of our faith.

So we invite you to try us out. Come experience the joy we share in worship, learning and service. Come discover the life-changing experience of a meaningful walk with Christ—and then go tell your neighbors.

Sunday Worship Service Times:

11:00AM at our Broad Street Campus

9:15AM at our Carey Station Campus